Friday, January 6, 2012

LV - January 2012

Zooming into the New Year, but I'm a little behind schedule here at the Goodweather Report, mainly because I've been wrestling with a decision.

I'm embarking on a new writing project, having finally admitted that I simply wasn't excited about the novel Herself and I had discussed.  It's possible I'll regain enthusiasm for the project but at the moment, my mind, such as it is, is turned elsewhere.  I don't want to say more just now. . . 

But what, several have asked, about Elizabeth? Will there be more Elizabeth books? To which I can only say, right now I don't know.  Elizabeth has her loyal fans but the numbers are not growing in the way that publishers like to see.  I do still have ideas for more adventures for our girl. . .  and for her daughters . . .

I think, however, that with no new Elizabeth book forthcoming, I'm going to discontinue the monthly Goodweather Reports.  It seems logical. Also, there seems to be some problem with the comment mechanism -- quite a few have e-mailed to say Blogger won't let them comment. I don't understand, since the settings are just like those on my other blog. The ways of Blogger are mysterious...

Anyway, if I have some staggering piece of news, I'll send out a blast to the mailing list. And, of course, it you wonder what I'm up to, you can always check out my blog.

I'm happy to announce that the collaborative novel I helped with (Chapter Four is mine) is available for pre-order from Malaprop's, Asheville's iconic independent bookstore. Malaprop's celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and this book is to benefit the bookstore -- a thank you from the authors who all owe so much to the folks at Malaprop's for their devotion to the art of bookselling.  Read more about this wacky trip through western NC HERE!
Also, as you can see over at the top of the sidebar, I'll be teaching in Asheville again and at Wildacres this summer. Any writers out there, looking for a good writing workshop? 
If you belong to a book club, you might be interested in Dianna Love's site where, every month, book clubs can enter to win 8 autographed and personalized copies of various novels donated by their authors. Signs in the Blood -my first Elizabeth Goodweather mystery -- is up for grabs in January. Check it out!
This isn't good bye. I'm still here, still writing, and still happy to hear from any of you. Drop by my (almost) daily blog, friend me on Facebook, send me an email . . . and I'll be delighted to chat. 

Many thanks to all of you who've supported Elizabeth in her adventures so far. We'll just have to see what the future holds for her. . . 

xox ~ Vicki
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