Thursday, March 31, 2011

XLVI -April 2011

As some of you know, Herself, my esteemed editor, and I have been going round and round about what book I should write next. Of course, I could write anything I felt like and then hope that Ann, my esteemed agent, could sell it. But I keep hoping to tantalize Herself into offering me another contract. 

I want to write a kind of multi-generational story, set in Marshall County and beginning around the time of the Civil War --which was especially uncivil in these parts

Think Gone With the Wind    meets Cold Mountain.
Lots of romance, lots of lush scenery and period dialog, lots of fascinating characters.... I think it could be really good.

But in today's skittish publishing climate, They want something more, something that would really get people's attention. So...
So we make  some of the main characters vampires . . .

Working title -Vanished with the Wind on Blood Mountain
What day is it? Oh, yes, April 1.

A happy Spring to everyone! It's been too wet to plow here and we haven't done a thing in the garden, not even planted potatoes.  John is painting gates and mending fences and getting ready to build a permanent chicken house for our broiler raising operation. Justin is making butter and cheese with all the milk Marigold is producing now -- there's even talk of a second milk cow.

I am trying to tackle some painting and cleanup in the house, as well as settling down to begin the next book -- with or without a contract.  There will not be vampires. Or zombies.

And I've been asked to be part of a fun collaborative mystery novel -- Twelve writers, each writing a longish chapter....but that's all I can tell you at the moment.

One of my dearest friends writes: What is the matter with me...I HATED The Help, couldn't read past pg 50...all too obvious and certain to make the reader feel superior...UGH! But I'm the only one on the planet so I must be nuts...just read another book I think you will love: "The Year of the Hare", written in 1975 by a Scandinavian writer and has now been translated into over 20 languages...I GUARANTEE THIS ONE!
I haven't read THE HELP yet -- I know lots of you all loved it. Will have to take a look soon.

One Was A Soldier I really did love and carried on at length over on my daily blog. There's a drawing over there to win an advance reading copy so if you're interested, click on over.
I'm also very enthusiastic about a Young Adult book called The Blue Sword. 
I loved reading it and only wish I'd first encountered it when I was around ten.  A perfect gift for the young girls in your life.

Under the Skin is available for preorder now, though it won't be out till October 25. It is subtitled "A Full Circle Farm Mystery" which has confused more than one of you all, looking for the next Elizabeth Goodweather.  

Yes, it IS the next Elizabeth book. 

This new tag is from Random House marketing, who obviously hoped it would sell more books. We'll see; no one listened when I said I thought it was confusing.
A slide show of March -- click to biggify and read captions.


Anonymous said...

Love, loved, loved your April Fool's joke! And I didn't really like "The Help" that much, either.
However, I recently read and enjoyed "The Birth House" about alternative medicine (midwifery)in a the Canadian Maritime province of Nova Scotia in 1917. Here are the first few sentences; "My house stands at the edge of the earth. Together, the house and I have held strong against the churning tides of Fundy. Two sisters, stubborn in our bones."
This book has won numerous prizes also.
Deana the Queena

Carol@The Writers Porch said...'s obvious, you LOVE April's Fool Day!
What was it last year, a raunchy book cover?
I won't even try to defend "The Help" except to say it IS in my top 10 all time favorites and it's sales say the rest! I can't wait for the movie due out in August and of course Kathryn's new book will get my attention pronto.
You know Justin could make the family wealthy with that Jersey milk! :) said...

A suggestion.
"A Full Circle Farm Mystery
featuring Elizabeth Goodweather"

Vicki Lane said...

Deana -- BIRTH HOUSE sounds fascinating.

Carol -- I'm just going to have to read it and decide for myself, aren't I? I know how many folks love THE HELP.

Bo -- a good suggestion -- but the folks at Random House don't listen to lowly mid-listers such as I.

Victoria said...

Vicki, I loved the slide show. Now I'm off to Amazon to pre-order the new Elizabeth book. This is just my lowly, humble opinion, but I think the people at Random House are idiots for not listening to you.

Cometprof said...

Given that Jane Austen has been zombiefied, I'd be surprised if your April Fool's idea wouldn't just fly. Scary to consider but...
You're so far ahead of us in Michigan. I'm looking at a brown lawn, sleet, and birds staring pitifully at me through the window from the empty bird feeder. But, we had a tomato seeding party the other night and I've 48 pots of potential tomato plants germinating in my little greenhouse (hopefully germinating.)
Out into the sleet, catholic guilt, gets me every time. Happy Spring.

Witch of Stitches said...

Vampires and zombies in Marshall County, Elizabeth & clan staking and slicing their way through the mountains saving all the residents OR... feasting upon them - OMGs - I think that would be fabulous!!! I've read Mr. Darcy, Vampire, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters, Emma & The Werewolves and all the other Jane inspired horror - you should definitely get in on that action. If Jane Austen can be a modern vampire living in upstate NY, perhaps Elizabeth could be the quilting, herb farming vampire of the Appalachians! Now, that might just get that contract.
Great April Fool's stunt, BTW - loved it. XO