Tuesday, March 1, 2011

XLV - March 2011

What I did in February...
I also watched turkeys courting and I read some good books and turned 68 and was given a Kindle by my sons along with some 'real' books from others. I've talked about them over on my daily blog... 

And I've had a lot of fun downloading free books to my Kindle from Project Gutenberg . . . Oz books, Edgar Rice Burroughs books, Wodehouse books. . .

A fun thing happened -- Roseanne Daryl Thomas, the author of Beeing, a book I mentioned here last month, as well as blogging about it on my other blog,  got in touch with me after reading my write up.  We've had a pleasant exchange of emails and discovered quite a lot of things that we have in common --including a love for P.G. Wodehouse.
Who's Reading What

Witch of Stitches said, "I just picked up a copy of India Black this afternoon - both you and someone else, can't remember who, mentioned it and I thought it looked interesting. Also picked up copies of Gaskell's Wives & Daughters and Cranford for my Gaskell challenge - all of this after picking up several books at the library! Of course, as always, there is a pile of books next to my chair waiting to be read."

Deana the Queena of the Hell or Highwater Book Club writes:  "This morning I finished "Dogs," by Abigail Dewitt, also a local writer, whose prose is like a polished gem. You can read about it on Amazon if you'd like a more complete explanation of the story. I'll just say that my tears continued to flow after I closed the last page, partly because it was sad, partly because the story was so easy to relate to, and partly because it was told so beautifully."

Deb A of Aliens and Alibis says, "I’ve gone back to the older authors lately.  A number of library books are looking at me with soulful eyes but somehow the old books are what comes to hand when I want a new book.  Right now I am reading Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley – this is one I’ve read before but I read it more for the characters now.  I’ve also got some Mary Stewart on the shelf.  I have a couple of Barbara Michaels to read also – Into the Darkness and Die for Love which is by Elizabeth Peters.  (Note: As you may already know: Barbara Michaels and Elizabeth Peters are the pen names of Barbara Mertz.)  Not really old books but very satisfying.  Maybe it’s a sign of aging but these writers have the power to keep me glued to the pages without a serial killer, tons of blood and inventive torturers. 

Back to the final pages of Shadowy Horses."

 Pat in East TN tells me: "I have finished reading a couple of Jo-Ann Mapson's earlier books.  I like her writing and had never gotten into the earlier books.  About a year ago I read HALF BROKE HORSES by Jeannette Walls and really enjoyed it, so now I am reading her book THE GLASS CASTLE.  It's an account of her growing up and believe me, she had quite a life! "

Eleanor W "just finished a book I really like, "Enough About Love" by Herve Le Tellier...different, French-style...ooolala!"

Time to begin to think about the garden . . .
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Kath said...

You've had a month that made the world better for those of us fortunate enough to read your blog.

And I still adore the turkey photo!

Carol@The Writers Porch said...

Great report Vicki....our garden is UP and looking good!How's your JC doing this year?
Mine are blooming!! Are you enjoying the Kindle?
I'm so SORRY I missed your B'Day! :(
A belated one is coming from my heart! XOXO

Vicki Lane said...

Hey, Carol -- the JC is just now leafing out!

I'm having fun with my Kindle -- mainly the free classics...