Thursday, September 30, 2010

XL -- October 2010

First of all -- my heartfelt thanks to all of you who've bought a copy of  the new book.  I did beg a bit last month -- so unbecoming --  and I do appreciate the response. Blessings on you!

September was a busy month -- canning tomatoes and putting other garden stuff in the freezer. Another writing class began; I posted my thousandth post on my blog . . .
 The copy edit of next year's Elizabeth book, Under the Skin, came back. I responded to the edits and returned it to New York, on the same day that The Day of Small Things hit the book stores.
And on that same day, Marigold had her calf and now, after a long hiatus, our family has a milk cow again!

 Here's a slide show with highlights from our busy month.

Notes and Comments 

Judy Shaw says : Interesting comment from Carol Fletcher re Susan Wittig Albert. Vicki, you and Susan have so much in common. On top of both being teriffic writers with such true-to-life characters; you garden and do similar other crafts. I just wish you both could publish lots more books! :) 
I suggest that you all take a look at ROOM by Emma Donoghue. I really, really loved this book.

Jon Michael Riley Just finished two very different books: Jaber Crow by Wendell Berry and Paddy Clarke Ha, Ha, Ha by Roddy Doyle. Berry's writing is lovely and the wandering memoir-like story kept me wondering where the hell it was going. It is more like a long meditation of what "modern life" can do to people and communities.

With Roddy Doyle, there is no waiting around. The reader is plunged into the story. 
Elaine in Hawaii is thinking about SIX OF ONE by Rita Mae Brown. One of your writers mentioned her, which reminded me of this book, which I dearly loved. I have it somewhere... And another thing...I forgot to tell you that the Mark Hebden book I was reading (PEL IS PUZZLED) had a fair amount of humor but the plot was a little...loose, maybe. If you decide to try a Pel, read PEL AND THE STAGHOUND. Been a while since I read it but it made me smile out loud.
Phyllis asks Are you familiar with Tom Godleski?  He fronts the band "Buncombe Turnpike."  I think they've played the Big Pine VFD a time or two.  We saw them this past weekend, and I just thought you would find him to be an interesting guy.  He's mentioned having family from Anderson Branch, has written songs about Madison County (one is about a fight at Barnard), and has written a play which will be staged at SART next month.  (Click on "bios" for more about Tom.)
Pat in east TN has been catching up on my reading  between getting garden goodies put up and now starting to clean up my summer garden.  "A Dog's Purpose" is a fantastic book ... sure makes you look at your furry friends in a different way.  I'm now reading "No Mercy" by Lori Armstrong ... I'm finding her to be a good writer, catching my interesting within the first couple of pages, actually in the prologue!  Although it seems like I've been going through my wish list like mad, there are always new books to add!  Ha ... I guess I could have a worse vice...

NCmountainwoman says Thank you for pointing out "Room." Absent a recommendation from someone like you there's no way I would have picked up a book written in the first person of a five-year-old child. And held captive in a shed yet.

I found the book to be absolutely fascinating and like you, I simply read it until I was done. So compelling and well written. Thanks again for recommending it.

 And Pat in east TN chimes in Just wanted to tell you that I finished ROOM this morning.  Great read and I thank you for recommending it ... it's kind of like THE HELP, a book that I never would have picked out on my own, but on the recommendation of a friend I gave it a try.  I admit I had my doubts about ROOM, but I instantly fell in love with Jack and Ma, and Jack doing the talking made it truly a treasure.  IMO, if it had been Ma talking, or just a story of their lives, it sure wouldn't have been the same.  I have told several friends about it .. word needs to get out about this book.  If I hadn't been so busy with this/that I would have read through it sooner, but I had many things to do this week and I simply can't stay up half the night reading, never could. . .
I'm reading Secret Graces now .. just into the first several pages, but already I know it's a good one just like Tender Graces was. 

Let us know what you're reading!

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Anonymous said...

Will be putting Ms Birdie aside for a couple of weeks...........into stitching and political thrillers right now. I have read several pages of Small Things and don't want to not do it justice!
Right now, it's on the foyer table, goes great with my Fall decorations!

Elizabeth said...

I think this is your best book yet. I have enjoyed all your books so much, but this one really sparked me. I love all the history and the Appalachian speech and folk ways. I read for information as well as plot and characterizations. I work in a used book store and plan to buy a copy to place in the store so that others can enjoy your work. Thank you for writing these wonderful books.

Vicki Lane said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! I worked especially hard on this one and I think I agree with you!