Saturday, July 31, 2010

XXXVIII - August 2010

I'd almost begun to despair of ever hearing from my editor about UNDER THE SKIN. Finally my agent asked Herself what was up.

What do you mean, says Herself? Didn't Vicki get my email?  

So then Herself goes on to say  that she loved it and thinks it's the best thing I've ever written. . . says she was totally enmeshed in it . . . says the characterizations were rich and fresh and the novel-within-the-novel was strong and instantly compelling. Says she hated for the book to end. 

Well, okay, then!

Now I'm waiting for the edited manuscript to arrive so I can address a few quibbles Herself had about one plot line and give the whole thing another good proof reading.  

Meanwhile, aside from enduring the hottest summer on record, I've been working in the yard and the garden and thinking about what my next writing project might be . . . something in Cherokee, reuniting Rosemary with an old friend? Might be a possibility.

Or another standalone  . . . about a very special place hidden deep in the mountains of Marshall County . . . or . . . or . . .

I'm out of contract with this just handed in manuscript and will have to come up with something enthralling to tempt Herself to offer me another contract. The publishing climate isn't great these days and publishers are ending series with less than stellar sales right and left. 

Much will depend I suspect, on how The Day of Small Things sells.
 Recommended Reading

Mary Maupin says: "I'm reading "Cutting for Stone", by Abraham Verghese.  It's an engaging story and well-written.  Put it on your next year's reading list, when you have time to read something other than the books being delivered to your door, required reading."

Deb Dandolino writes: My reading lately has given me a lot of pleasure from some of the books. Interred With Their Bones and Haunt Me Still are two great books by Jennifer Lee Carrel. The first book is set around a search for a lost play that Shakespeare wrote. The second one posits the question - did Shakespeare base his Macbeth witches on actual witches and could the real witches have given Shakespeare information about actual spells. Both of the books had me up way past my bedtime.

Another series that I have loved is the one from Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli,
The first is Dead Dancing Women which revolves around older women who have
been seen dancing around a fire (gasp! ;-)) and such and are now being
killed.  If you haven't read it, do - I think you would like it.  The other
two books are Dead Floating Lovers and Dead Sleeping Shaman.  There is
another planned for fall but Elizabeth didn't give me the title.
Last, but definitely not least, is The Crossing Places and The Janus Stone
by Elly Griffiths.  Both have to do with archaeology in the marshes of
Norfolk, UK.  The first one starts out a little slowly but, if you
persevere, you'll find a great book.
Pat in TN has this to share: 
Just wanted to tell you that I am completely and utterly in love with my Kindle!  I was a little apprehensive at first, but it's not that complicated and is oh so easy on the eyes when reading.  I whipped through my first book on it, "Requiem by Fire", by Wayne Caldwell, (Great book!) and am now reading a 'real book' that was on my TBR pile.  What a world of difference ... I do find my eyes getting more tired reading this book ... who'd a thought!?!?!  I have 3 more books on my TBR pile, so am going to alternate between them and the Kindle and then I'll go Kindle all the way.  
I also ordered "The Secret Garden" on my Kindle this morning ... couldn't believe that it's one of their free books!  I have never read it and after your raving about it and almost everyone commenting on it, I thought I'd better give it a try. 
And Janie Matthews says: I'm still reading "Inherit the Land: Miss Maggie's Will Meets Jim Crow.  We've had different house guests for 3 weeks, so I haven't had much time to read.

We've been enjoying watching the humming birds and also two turkey hens and their poults who are daily visitors at our bird feeder.

Yesterday I went to a threshing demonstration -- more about that over on my daily blog!

A slide show of some of July's highlights!

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Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

That "special place hidden deep in Marshall County" has me PANTING !!!
I'm putting in my Pre-Order today! :)

Great report, great pics! Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

I also loved "Cutting for Stone," though the latter third of the novel dragged a bit for me.
Vicki, seeing your turkey pic reminds me--someone told me that all the wild turkeys are eating the eggs of the meadowlarks and the ruffed grouse. Have you heard that? I'm thinking it would also be loss of habitat that is causing their decline..

Deana Blanchard

Anonymous said...

P.S. It's wonderful to hear that herself likes the book. I'm so looking forward to it!


Sheila Connolly said...

I have to wait for September for the book? I shall wither away. But we can celebrate our new books at Bcon.

Ah, editors. Mine whom I adore took herself off to have a baby, and her fill-in is completely swamped. I have no clue when I might see edits (although a friend who was also handed off to her said she received an email saying that the plot was too obvious by the middle of the book and could she please fix it? I haven't had an email like that yet.)

Byron Ballard said...

There was a breath of cool autumn air tonight and I think I will survive a bit longer. I haven't posted in a bit but wanted to let you know how excited I am about Herself's reaction---of course!

Vicki Lane said...

The 'hidden place' is still a hazy idea, Carol ... but I'm working on it!

I hadn't heard that about the turkeys, Deana. Hope it's not the case.

Oh, I had that very thing happen, Sheila, with ART'S BLOOD. Herself told me I needed a different villain and would I fix it. And I did.

The cooler air was more than welcome, BB! Good article in the AC-T by the way!

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Congrats my dear Vicki for the new book Under the skin!! While you are gardening in your amazing place I can imagine how happy you might feel for all your stories being published, and some to come... so you are right now thinking of your new story....
many hugs my darling,
maria cecilia

Vicki Lane said...

Yes, indeed, Maria Cecilia, I'm beginning to plan the next book or two.

Anonymous said...

I've ordered the prior two books from and can't wait til September. I placed my present manuscript on DVD. Quite an experience for someone who is 61 and had no idea what I was doing. How are manuscripts submitted anymore? Surely not on paper? Just call me "out of step and out of date".

Vicki Lane said...

If you are submitting to an agent, you find out what their preference is. Ditto, an editor or publisher.

My first 3 or 4 books were submitted as printed out manuscripts and a disk copy. Recently I've emailed the whole thing as an attachment and he publisher has printed it out for my editor and then the copy editor to make their marks on.

I think a lot of people still prefer the hard copy -- it's up to you to make sure you're doing your submission in the preferred form.